I am a multidisciplinary designer with extensive experience working and building products for the video advertising industry. I can take a product concept from inception to completion following the process of research, define, design, prototype, and test. With my experience and initiative, I can solve product design layouts across an array of platform environments, including mobile, tablet, desktop, and connected TV.



  • •   Data gathering and research
  • •   Solution modeling
  • •   Rough/HD wireframing
  • •   Visual layout design
  • •   Interactive prototyping
  • •   HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding
  • •   Final build product testing
  • •   Adobe CC, Sketch, and InVision
Product Prototype
Apple Watch
Video ad prototype to capture poll data and drive product feature engagement.
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Product Client Build
Video ad gamification designed for brand recognition and hotel reservation access.
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Product Prototype
Incredibles 2
Video ad microsite that showcases image and video content for brand awareness.
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Product Prototype
Video preroll solution that solves for portrait (vertical video) and landscape responsiveness.
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About Me

I'm Andrew Doser, and I've worked most of my career in the Bay Area as a hybrid designer, skilled at many trades.

I have always had a fascination with animation and try to leverage it whenever possible within my products. Animation draws the eye and adds a bit of life, even dimension to a digital product that is inherently static and flat. I have enjoyed the realm of video advertising not just for the product design challenges but for the fact I frequently work with other designers' visions.

My background started with building motion graphics for Discovery Show documentaries and then evolved into creating fun, educational, interactive multimedia content for NASA. In late 2007 I started with a small online video advertising company call YuMe and played a pivotal role in their success as they became a public company in 2013.

Over the past ten years, I have built content for desktop, mobile, tablet, CTV, and even for the Samsung Oculus. Each platform has its capabilities, limitations, and design challenges. With this experience, I conceived several successful ad product ideas such as the InSynch, Mobile Flip, and Ngage, which helped generate tens of millions of dollars in sales throughout my time at YuMe.